Christmas is Over, New Year’s is Here

It’s been a fairly productive past few months and yet, nothing has happened on this blog?  What’s the deal, blog?  You too good for people?  No?  Well, you could’ve fooled me!

Anyway, I’ve decided to start this thing up again, since it’s a good excuse for me to use both my digital and video cameras in an exciting and informative, multi-media sort of way.  Since my last post I’ve started my new job, gotten a couple more tattoos, started rebuilding my road bike, rebooted my desktop computer in anticipation of sending my laptop out to be fixed (not having a cd/dvd drive has sucked these past two years) and what?  I participated in my first wedding (and forgot to bring my camera) in November when my friends Matt and Chessa decided to tie the knot.  It snowed in Seattle for a whole week between December 17th and the 26th.  I went sledding!  That’s about as exciting as my life has been anyway.

What about Jermaine?  Well, let’s see…he got a new tattoo, too.  He’s still working his same job at Smith on 15th, as their Bar Manager, and he’s doing quite well there from what I can tell.  He built up a cyclocross frame and recently purchased a custom road frame from Tommasini, which we’re both really excited about.  What else?  Um…he got a haircut?  Yeah, very exciting, I know…

We moved into a new two bedroom apartment in October, which was kind of an ordeal with the painting and remodeling that went on, but now we’re cozy and warm in our new place.  It’s a nice apartment.  We bought a wine rack last night.  We have wine.  Enough for a rack.

My plans for New Year’s are pretty calm.  I’m going to my friend, Colin’s condo to visit with friends and have drinks early and then heading home before things get out of hand.  Jermaine has to work New Year’s eve, so I’m planning to cook a feast for New Year’s day.  We’ll celebrate not having hangovers with food and movies.  Maybe a couple of friends will come over?

As for our plans to go back to Japan.  I’m pretty strapped for cash right now, so our summer plans have been pushed back a little.  But, this might give us an opportunity to visit his family in Virginia next summer instead.  They just visited for Christmas and it was really nice getting to know them.  All of them.  There were a lot of them.  However, I’ve never felt so immediately accepted by a group of people.  I think this was due in a large part to Jermaine’s Aunt Annette who was the harbinger of all that is Heidi for the rest of the family.  She and I hit it off last year when she came to visit.

I’ll charge my camera and try to get some photos up here before too long.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. dude! I want to see your new tattoos. or do you mean the bees? did you get my peru pics?

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