Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

So, since I’m not sure we’ll have internet at the hotel, I thought I’d make a quick post about the last two days, plus today.

Tuesday, we lazed around the apartment until the afternoon and then we went to eat curry at a curry shop.

My yasai (vegetable) curry from CoCo Curry!:

Jermaine and his more involved, hotter curry at CoCo!:

After curry, we went to shop for stuff at this traditional Japanese arts and crafts store called Bingoya, sort of near Shinjuku.

Traditional Japanese Crafts:

When we left that store, we had a rather large sack of goods we had to go back to Komagome and drop that stuff off before heading to dinner with Kayoko and her parents at Japanese/French restaurant, Ahill, where the chef Kai used to work with at an Italian Restaurant in Yoyogi now worked. Kai’s parent’s train was delayed because someone got hit by it (eek!), so we headed to the restaurant and ordered a couple of drinks while we waited for them.


My Place Setting:


Once Kai’s parent’s arrived our food started to arrive.

First, we got a plate with three little “salads” on it, there was one with a crab, one with bonito and one with some kind of a squid, or something like that:

After the first course, the chef (Kai’s friend) came out to ask us how we were doing:

Okasan choses this time to give me a gift she’d bought for me:

It was a lovely pearl necklace on a gold chain:

I thanked Mom and Dad for their generous gift:

Next, we were served the second course, spaghetti with crab and sea urchin and tiny tomatoes:

Then, we got the next course, I think it was crab meat, in a clear glaze:

For our fourth course we had a choice about what we got, so I had like a crab cake thing, with cheese potatoes:

Kai got foi gras, or however that’s spelled, you know, goose liver pate:

Jermaine got some kind of fish, I think, with a carrot on top:

After this course, we took a group photo:

Our fifth course was a gazpacho soup with tomato and watermelon with cilantro:

The main course came next.

Mom got abalone:

Jermaine got pork with a grape glaze:

Dad and I got Fillet Mignon, medium rare, which came with dried apricot, freeze dried soy sauce (which is the most awesome-est thing ever) and sea salt, and was garnished with a cactus frond:

This might have been the best meat I’ve ever eaten, lets get a little closer:

Kai got the Sirloin Steak:

After the main course came the curry course, but after the meat I was so full, I couldn’t really eat much:

Next was what the menu described as a “cheese amusement,” a blue cheese with a honey, a milky goat cheese on a parsnip, and a mascarpone with some of the freeze dried soy sauce, it was excellent:

Finally, we had dessert.

Dad got a pudding, I think it was mango:

I had creme brule with an orange sorbet on top:

Jermaine got what I think was a raspberry tart:

Kai got a melting chocolate pot, rad:

Mom got sorbet, kiwi (for sure), vanilla (maybe) and some kind of red berry:

We finished with coffee. The food was really nice. On the way home, I was SO FULL, I felt sick. That kinda sucked.

Wednesday was dedicated to getting Jermaine out to Ashikaga to get his tattoo on. Pretty much I spent the whole day reading Shogun, and Jermaine spent the whole day in pain. It was awesome.

When we arrived, Horimasa showed Jermaine the design and they agreed on placement and size before he applied the design to Jermaine’s leg:

Initial design placed on Jermaine’s leg:


Initial outlining:

Masa kept going back over the outline and reworking the lines to be sure that the design was correct:

Here it is right before Masa did the final work on the dots:

Line work and initial shading of the hair was done with a gun, and it’s done!:

You know what the comes after the gun! IREZUMI!

Here’s a good look at the tattoo with a good amount of the irezumi work done:


Of course, this wouldn’t be a post about being stabbed repeatedly with a serrated tool without some pictures of blood!:

Getting very close to being done:


Here’s another look:

How does Jermaine feel about it?:

His tattoo is the best I’ve ever seen, everyone will be jealous. I can hear him right now in the shower, it sounds like the tattoo isn’t feeling too good when wet. Jermaine made an appointment to see Horimasa when he’s in San Jose and SF, to complete his lower leg sleeve. Horimasa seemed to like Jermaine’s idea for the remainder of the tattoo. Again, I’ll post pictures when they’re not on the camera.

Thursday, that’s today. We’re cleaning our apartment in anticipation of our inspection at 2pm today and then meeting Kai in Shinjuku to check into our hotel. Jermaine and I are running out of money, so the next two days will be spent inside, watching tv, which sounds awesome.

More later!


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