Today, Monday, Day 22

It was raining when we woke up today. We had thought about going to this craft store, but eh. We were still tired from last week and this is a vacation, right? Besides, I didn’t have any underwear. So, we did laundry and lazed around the apartment. I’ve been writing this, and Jermaine has fluctuated between awake and asleep. Right now, there appears to be anime on the tv, which neither of us can understand, but feel compelled to watch. We ate curry for lunch, that’s about the most exciting thing we did, besides buy ibuprofen which considerably helped my shoulder. Tomorrow, we’re meeting Kai and her parents for dinner (we’re hoping for French) and maybe going shopping for stuff during the day. Wednesday is Jermaine’s tattoo day, Thursday we have to be out of our apartment and into our hotel (which Kai already helped us reserve), plus we’re thinking of going back to Cal, with Kai (she took Thursday off from work to help us into our hotel, she’s awesome), Friday we’re planning to just stay in the hotel and order room service and Saturday we leave for home at 4:55pm Tokyo time and arrive back at home at 9:30am Seattle time on the same day. We’re hoping that Jermaine’s mom makes us breakfast when we get home.

So, we’ll see how close to the plan we stick. Until then, I’m out.


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