Sunday, Day 21, THE BEACH!

Kai took us to the beach in Zushi on Sunday. We had to get up early and meet her at the train station in Shibuya. Then, we caught the train to Zushi together. It took about an hour for us to reach Zushi. It’s a smaller town, and it felt like a beach town.

We walked from the train station down to the beach, and were surprised by how foggy it was, and how many wind surfers there were riding in the water. I didn’t take any pictures, but it was a nice day at the beach. I played in the water a little, but I couldn’t get all the way in the water because of my fresh tattoo. Jermaine spent the majority of the time under the beach umbrella Kai rented, sleeping. It was cute. For breakfast we had food from one of the many stands lining the beach. Jermaine had a hot dog, I got a chicken pita sandwich and Kai got the curry.

For lunch we ate at another restaurant on the beach. By this time Kayoko’s friends had arrived, so we all ate lunch together. We had a variety of things, shirmp, beans and rice, croquettes, French fries and yakisoba. Then, we bought a WHOLE CHICKEN, it had been roasted on a rotating grill and tasted awesome. The 7 of us easily ate all the food, plus beers.

We had traveled to the beach in order to see one of Kai’s friends perform as a backup dancer for a singer who was doing a show at this club on the beach, so after we ate we went to that. It was interesting. The singer was like an R&B act, with backup dancers and a rapper. You don’t see shows like that in America. It was like a small, indie rock show, but with R&B, instead. Plus, unlike in America, the crowd really seemed to get into the act, waving their hands and dancing. In Seattle, we make fun of people who move at shows, in Japan, Jermaine and I were the odd men out.

After the show, Kai needed to get on the train to make it back to Tokyo in time for her Hula dance class, and we left with her. By the time we got back, my swimsuit hadn’t dried yet, so I had a huge wet spot on the back of my dress, it looked like I’d wet myself. It was very embarrassing having to walk through the train station like that, so Jermaine very sweetly offered to walk behind me and guided me from behind to be sure he’d always be there. Aww.

Once we got home, we showered and had a little bit of down time before heading back out for Ebisu to meet Kai for dinner. We had invited Yutaka, but his phone was dead, so I don’t think he ever got the message telling him about dinner. After walking around for a minute (we’d wanted to eat at a Mexican place, but it was closed, boo) we settled on eating at a Chinese restaurant.

What we ate:
I missed the picture of the Shrimp in Chili Sauce, but here’s the Cashew Chicken:


Beef and Bell Peppers:

The Chili Tofu that made Kai and Jermaine’s tongues feel weird, and that I didn’t eat because it was hot and I was full:

We finished with tea, which made us all even more sleepy. We headed out and went to bed.


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